MoeTar is a 6-piece ArtRock band from Oakland, California fronted by the inimitable vocalist Moorea Dickason. MoeTar’s unique alchemy blends sophisticated pop hooks with a viciously technical musical canvas. The band’s first record, 2012’s From These Small Seeds, was a bold experiment; a visionary redefinition of the traditional “rock band.” MoeTar’s latest release, Entropy of the Century (out now - Order Now) represents a maturation and crystallization of the band’s unique approach to pop and rock. The album’s 12 songs tackle the disparate issues humanity confronts as it begins a new century, cohering into an ultimately profound and redemptive musical statement that illustrates humans’ capacity to triumph over its own mistakes.


Married in life and art, vocalist Moorea Dickason and bass player and primary composer Tarik Ragab (“Moe” and “Tar”) are the fuel that energizes MoeTar’s ambitious disrespect for genre labels. The two share a deep conceptual intimacy that their marriage only serves to deepen. And since every relationship thrives in a loving community, MoeTar is blessed by its collection of studio-ace/mad-scientist band members, all of who represent the top of the game in the Bay and beyond. Each member is a leader, educator, and visionary in their own right, and most important, is able to contribute to the personal and artistic chemistry that such a high-functioning band needs to stay grounded and steady rocking.


Entropy of the Century is sure to sate the hungry ears of devoted fans that have waited patiently for two years on a sequel. It’s also sure to find a wider range of new fans, thanks to its exquisitely produced pop-with-chops song cycle. Each song is threaded together by lyrical motifs and melodies, and then underlined by a relentless sense of harmony and rhythmic sophistication. Keyboardist Matt Lebofsky offers his haunting anthem “Benefits” as a parallel commentary alongside the 11 musical journeys penned by Ragab. The record is cohesive when heard in totality, yet each song is a thoroughly complete musical statement of its own.  Either way, MoeTar is poised to breathe long-awaited life into pop and rock, believing that just because music exploits a full-range vocabulary, it needn’t lose its accessibility. In short, like all good art, Entropy of the Century appeals in equal parts to the brain and heart.


"Entropy Of The Century…unfathomably brilliant oddball prog from California. This week’s new favourite band.”

Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer Magazine, UK


Tarik Ragab, Bass


Tarik is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer and artist. He was featured in Bass Player magazine in the Fall of 2014. Over the years, Tarik has written 1000's of songs, played with 100's of different musicians and recorded many albums of his original music.  In addition to his musical work, Tarik is a visual artist and has painted murals, custom motorcycle art, real estate sketches, medical illustrations, as well as his own original creations. Tarik continues to pursue pushing the envelope of creativity with boundless imagination.


Likes: Beer, hikes in the woods, science, food, hot and cold running water, road trips, The Beatles, Steinbeck, The Simpsons, Moorea, Kadin, MoeTar, friends, family and love.

Moorea Dickason, Vocals


Moorea is a native SF Bay Area girl. She is a studio session singer who has recorded over 60 songs for the music video games Guitar Hero, Garage Band, Karaoke Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution. She can be a chameleon who replicates the greats, but she maintains her own original voice and style in MoeTar. She stays true to her vocal education roots by singing in the Women’s a cappella group that she co-founded, The Riveters, and is the part time Director for the teen a cappella group, 'Til Dawn.  


Likes: Road trips, redwoods, my band mates, my girls, hanging on the porch, hot tubs, yummy beverages, the West Coast, pondering the human experience, getting shit done, and loud music. Tarik!

Matthew Charles Heulitt, Guitar


Matthew has an arsenal of tasty gear, a rigorous education, and a penchant for harmonic dissonance.  His lines on the guitar draw a constant sense of unfolding and searching that go well beyond the idioms of jazz/rock improvisation.  In addition to performing, he is a knowledgable educator and a chameleon of the recording studio.  MCH is a long-time band member of world-renowned drummers Narada Michael Walden (Jeff Beck, The Mahavishnu Orchestra) and Zigabloo Modeliste (The Meters) and has shared the stage with musicians of note such as Carlos Santana, Sting, Taj Mahal and many more.


Likes:  Making farm animal sounds, driving tractors, opposites, Eastern philosophy, Bukowski, Joseph Campbell, space, salamanders, quick witted comments, sincerity, and cuddles.

Matt Lebofsky, Keyboards


Matt grew up a piano geek in New York, but ended up a multi-instrumentalist weirdo in California. Such is life. Other current/past projects include: Secret Chiefs 3, miRthkon, Bodies Floating Ashore, Faun Fables, Fuzzy Cousins, Mumble & Peg. Given the confusing nature of his music career, he should have adopted a better stage name decades ago. Too late now. He's right handed but for no explicable reason hooks his pen like a lefty. Day job: searching for alien intelligence.


Likes: High altitude and desert backpacking, driving long distances, eating delicious food, watching Oakland A's baseball, proving things wrong.

Jonathan Herrera, Keyboards


Jonathan grew up in L.A., went to USC and the Los Angeles Music Academy and was the Senior Editor of Bass Player Magazine, where he is now a Senior Contributing Editor. His playing credits include Brain, Oz Noy, Cyrus Chestnut, Zigaboo Modeliste, Garaj Mahal, Miguel Migs, Jon Fishman, and lots more. In addition to Jonathan's extensive performing experience, he's a sought-after clinician and teacher. He's the former Artist-In-Residence at LAMA and has taught clinics and lectured at Stanford University, Musician's Institute, Crossroads, Bass Player LIVE!, and the Jazz School. Despite all this bass background, he loves playing keys in MoeTar.


Likes: Asian food, traveling long distances to strange places, analog things that chirp and gurgle, dancing to Prince, complex murder mysteries, and his dog Billie. 

David M. Flores, Drums


David was born into the rhythm section while sitting behind his father’s bass rig and his uncle’s drum set. This profound introduction into the world of live music would carve a life-long path for him as a tireless student, performer, and educator. Although he is a drum set player at heart, David is also a skilled hand-percussionist. He has played with local and international trailblazers including: Lauryn Hill, Donna Summer, Randy Brecker,  Armando Peraza, Pete Escovedo, Orestes Vilato, Jesus Diaz, John Santos, Michael Spiro, Jerry Gonzales, Paquito De Rivera, Steve Turre, Greg Landau, Bobbi Céspedes, Mark Levine, Charlie Musselwhite, Mickey Hart, Mary Wilson of the Supremes. 


Likes: Chilaquiles, soccer every 4 years, his cool and funny wife, a good laugh, teaching and learning, and his strange addiction to cowbells. 

"They conjure up memories of early-period Genesis, mid-period Gentle Giant and classic-period Kansas, all with a dash of Frank Zappa... Moorea Dickason — who is often compared to all the great rock and pop female vocalists from Ann Wilson to Adele — is the total package who sings with immense power, grace and dexterity."

S. Victor Aaron, Something Else!