Music Video Shoot

On June 14th we shot the 1st music video for our 2nd album, Entropy of the Century. The video is for our 3rd song on the album, Regression to the Mean.



We were able to do the shoot in a warehouse at Bay Ship & Yacht Co. in Alameda. We are fortunate to be friends with the owners, The Cameron Family who were willing to make a big exception for us to use their space. It was a beautiful and sunny Bay Area day among the Oakland Cargo cranes and Bay ships, hanging with the birds and smelling the sea air. Thanks Alan, Leslie, Max and Chile!

See a full photo album of our video shoot day:

Magna Carta funded the talented videographer, Bob Gilles who came with a truck load of gear including a 30 foot camera jib, crazy lighting structures, cables and sand bags for days, and all he requested from us was a 12 pack of soda. He was very easy and fun to work with.

From load in to load out it was a 9 hour day. We hang, we changed clothes a bunch, we sang, rode bikes, ate pizza, drank beer, spent a lot of time in front of the camera, and then we ended up with a music video! More to come...

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