August 19. Not an especially remarkable date in human history. And before you get ornery, yes, I know Louis Schwitzer won the first race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on this day in 1909. So OTHER than that, this has been a rather pedestrian date, calendar-wise.

(cue Monster Truck announcer echo)

UNTIL N-N-N-N-N-O-O-O-O-W-W-W-W-W!!!!!!!!!! (cue huge explosions, phallic trains speeding through tunnels, rockets rocketing, Gallagher destroying a watermelon, etc.)

Henceforth this day, August 19, will echo through the hallowed halls of the grand palace of human endeavor. For it on this day that we, the rock & roll band MoeTar, are releasing Entropy of the Century with the esteemed assistance of our appropriately named label, Magna Carta. For like that original document, Entropy of the Century, too, will do nothing less than reorient civilization itself.

Or not. But a band can dream, can’t it? But on the real, we, the members of MoeTar, could not be prouder of this true labor of love. We love each other. We love music. We love you. We took all that love, put it into a Krups Coffee Grinder/Love Processor, and out came this record.

We’ll dive deeper into the details of that process over the coming weeks, but for now, just know that no matter what you think of our music, we make it because we absolutely love to.

Please let us know what you think! And help spread the love/word. Thank you!

Buy it now on iTunes. Buy a physical copy from Magna Carta Records.

Please visit us on facebook.com/moetar twitter.com/moetar or email us at moetarmusic@gmail.com

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