What is Entropy of the Century all about?

Hey, Tarik here.

Since its release, a lot of people have asked me about the concept behind MoeTar’s 2nd album, Entropy of the Century, so I figured a blog post was in order.

When I first began writing these songs I wanted them to form a narrative about the tumultuous political, economic, social and environmental landscape we are in, countered by the exciting advances in science and technology expanding our ideas about the nature of existence.

During this writing time I became interested in entropy. Entropy is defined as a lack of order or predictability where a system gradually declines into disorder. However, another way of seeing entropy is that it is actually a system transforming into a richer, more complex form that is progressing beyond our understanding. The laws of thermodynamics also became a fascination for me, the idea that energy can’t be created or destroyed. These two concepts and how they relate to our existence became a central theme for most of the songs that I wrote on this album. I was kind of obsessed.

The lyrics on the song Entropy of the Century have some lines in particular that explore these ideas. “Perpetual emotion” is a play on the phrase, perpetual motion. The first law of thermodynamics states that a perpetual motion machine is an impossibility. The phrase perpetual emotion implies that love is eternal and an underlying force of the universe.

“From somewhere, now nowhere” is a reference to energy never being created or destroyed. In the lyrical context it implies that nothing ever really comes into being or dies, it just is.

The album closes with The Unknowable, which is the narrative coming to an end and reflecting back on the whole experience. It asks the question, “is it impossible to conceive of ones non-existence?”, which to me is unknowable. This ties into the idea that while we can never know what lies beyond our perceived existence, the science may be telling us that we’re already there.

Now that these songs are out there for you to listen to, they will take on all sorts of new meanings -- as many new meanings as there are listeners. If you want to read the lyrics you can on our website here: http://www.moetar.com/#!lyrics/c1ok9

Thank you for reading, for listening and creating music and poetry of your own as well.

- Tarik Ragab

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