Matthew's Call to Video Action!

I must say, it’s pretty exciting to get a major feature in a mag that I subscribed to as a teenager (which was a very long time ago). It’s the first real press I’ve ever gotten in the US and I’m most happy about the fact that it was MoeTar that got me there. Out of all the bands I’ve been in, tours, and renowned musicians I’ve shared the stage with, MoeTar is my fav…and I’m not usually one for favorites. (Please don’t ever ask me who my favorite guitarist is). There are many reasons for my love of the Moetarians: I am challenged as a musician, I am inspired by the writing, the vision of the band is in total alignment with my ideals (i.e. throwing back the curtain of lies on our planet and exposing the power of love…the unknown…the sublime complexity of this short life…death…the collapse of civilization…), and the interaction of six people that is always kind, fun, supportive, and mutually astounding. Sorry to gush but goddamn this is a special thing! And it wasn’t selling my soul to some shitty band opportunity to get attention, it was sticking with the most gruelingly original music, playing shows for nobody, going into debt, being challenged, being loved, being patient…that’s what’s most exciting to me. Something fucking original getting recognition makes me excited!!! I hope it excites you too. And I hope that whatever it is that you are passionate about finds its way into the mainstream mind and together we all create a revolution of spirit, creativity, and love. AAAAaaahhhhh!!!!!

Okay, now to the nerdy parts. The transcription in the mag is one of the hardest snippets on the record. Whether you get it up to tempo or not, it’s a fun little arpeggio exercise to play, and a rhythmic tongue-twister. I use a program called “The Amazing Slow Downer” to….you guessed it, slow it down. It is the best practice tool I’ve ever come across for myself and my students. Buy it. Next, take one bar at a time. Slow wins the race. I spent a lot of time working out a fingering that sits well for me. You may like something different so feel free and experiment. My picking technique is “meh” so I rely heavily on pull-offs/slurs. Some of you shredders out there may prefer to pick the whole thing. Go for it.

Gear-wise the guitar and keyboard sounds on this song are generated largely by the Roger Mayer octavia pedal which is an octave fuzz popularized by a Mr. Hendrix on a song called Purple Haze. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s a killer pedal and really added some nasty fuzzy overtones that makes this tune so crushing. I’m playing my Don Grosh retro classic Strat through a ’67 Fender Bassman head, Dr. Z 2x12 cab with Celestion greenbacks, and also my Menatone “King of the Britains” distortion pedal. Yes, 2 distortions are better than one. I can assure you though that I learned this sucker without the help or masking of effects…real players play it clean (at least at first).

So, now it’s your turn. Give it a shot. Take a vid of yourself attempting it, mastering it, or murdering it. Let us see!!!

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