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I am happy to announce that MoeTar has a brand spankin’ new lyric booklet for sale. It has all of the Entropy of the Century album lyrics, a photo collage of the band at the Stinson Beach recording studio and art strewn throughout the pages from Tarik. You can buy a copy online for $12 (includes shipping) or at a live show for $10.

I have an affinity for physical media and have been wanting to provide a lyrics booklet to fans who want to dig in on the meaning behind the songs. I love not being on my computer and holding something in my hands from a band that I dig so I assume that some of you feel the same way. We’ve had our lyrics online for a while but now you don’t have to stare into the digital light abyss in order to enjoy reading them. Plus you can have the lyric booklet at a show and FINALLY sing along with me. I’d love that. The days of the lyric booklet are here!

I wish that we could have included the lyrics in the liner notes of the physical cd but that shit is expensive! MoeTar songs can trend towards the incredibly wordy side so it would take a lot of pages in a cd sized booklet to fit them all in. Truth be told, we’re not swimming in money so as hard as it was, we had to concede on providing the lyrics with the cd.

I’m a lyrics girl. The music is usually what grabs me on a first listen of a song but I love the ah-ha moments that happen on a 3rd or 4th listen when I realize what a song is about and I gain a whole new appreciation for it. Learning the lyrics to a song can be like falling in love with it all over again for the first time. Countless times I’ve read through the lyrics of a song I love only to realize that I hadn’t heard them correctly and they meant something completely different than what I originally thought. There are whole YouTube channels devoted to this. Here is a mashup of misheard song lyrics from the 90s: One of my best friends was convinced that Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel was actually Snakecharmer. She made a great case with lyrics in the song such as “shed my skin” and “call my name” paired with the ascending and descending flute lines, but I had to squash her Snakecharmer dreams when we Googled that shit. We laughed about that one for days. I digress…

Once you read through the lyrics booklet there may be word definitions that you want to look up in your trusty dictionary such as lexiphanic or predilection (I had to look them up before singing them anyway). There is a treasure trove of new vocab words waiting for you in this lyric booklet. Reading through these lyrics could really up your Scrabble game. However, there are words that you may look up only to find that they don’t exist because we made them up such as conversalations and anarkiss, so please do use caution when applying to Scrabble or daily use. Just do your due diligence, I’m sure you will.

If you like our music then I really want you to be able to read the lyrics. Some of the words fly by pretty quickly but there is a lot of depth to the messaging and I want you to get all up inside it!

So there you have it. My pitch. Buy the lyrics booklet and enjoy the spoils of your purchase. Have it signed at a show, host a MoeTar sing-a-long party, leave it in your car glovebox so your friends can sing along while you jam out on a roadtrip, add it to your display box of musical merch or read it once and then use it as a coaster. We love you MoeTarians and hope you love the words we spew.

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