Our North Western Tour

MoeTar just had an incredible mini-tour up North in Portland and Seattle. I'm SO grateful to get to sing with such talented people. Thank you Matthew Charles Heulitt​, Matt Lebofsky​, Jonathan Herrera​, Tarik Ragab​ and Wesley Anderson​ who heroically filled in the huge shoes of David Flores​ this weekend who was busy playing at San Jose Jazz Fest and SFJazz. Thanks too to Jacob Nunes​ and Jordan Rollins​ for the gracious home-stay and pool party, to Vanessa Caveney​ for contributing to the amazing dinner, hang and for hosting the guys tonight during the drive back... I had to fly back early this morning to teach tomorrow morning at Camp Sing it​ which will be stellar, but I'm also sad to miss the end of the hang and drive back with the crew. It was an eventful few days. We had a van breakdown, some crazy unexpected traffic and some wayyyyyyyyy long waits for food while in a rush to get from here to there in the lovely but slow pace of Oregon, and skirted a near anxiety break with victory. We also had insane laughs with music nerdom trivia and car games, incredibly great performances, magical car views, fun party nights, listened to ridiculously good music together, met and hung with lots of new and long time fans, sold tons of merch, and were met with kindness everywhere we went. Thanks too to my family who came out in Oregon; Steve Dickason​, Vance Dickason​ and Jason Vance Dickason​, AND of course thanks to the awesome The Mercury Tree​ and Porch Couch for hosting us in Portland and SeaProg in Seattle. Both show were fun for very different reasons -- Portland for being a tightly packed house party show that was sweaty and intimate with the audience mere inches from my face! New plan... more house parties. And Seattle SeaProg for providing a stunning yet fabulously funky theater venue full of fans of progressive music who gave us an encore and were incredibly gracious as were the hosts of the event. Life is good. I hope that you all take the time to sing and/or to be creative in whatever way you are inspired... and for goodness sake please put intention towards loving one another. I'm very aware of the special group of people that I get to work with to make music in MoeTar, and a big part of why it works is the love and respect that we have for each other as people. As as woman I particularly appreciate these healthy, respectful and honest relationships that I get to have with the incredibly talented, aware and intelligent men of MoeTar. I feel that as a group of people we have built a special trust and are able to bust through the gender barriers that I often feel elsewhere which is a special experience for me. As a band we are all able to get on stage and blaze through the complexity of our music with raw passion, energy and intensity because we trust each other as people. It's special. With gratitude and love to you all. - Moorea

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